05 Jun

Converting a JS library to TypeScript: Part 1

A new free video series starts today where I'm recording myself as I work converting an open source project into TypeScript.

I’ve been wanting a project to dive into to help me learn TypeScript, and the other day on an issue for test-data-bot, someone asked if TypeScript definitions were available. I decided this was a good way for me to dive in and try converting a library to TS, and I decided to record it and share for anyone else wondering what the process looks like!

Rather than create streamlined, snappy, short videos like I do for my paid courses, these videos will be ~15 minutes long and show you a much less edited version of how I work. You’ll see how I use my editor, how I go about driving code with tests and how I debug when I get stuck. I’m not a TypeScript expert, so there’s a fair amount of time spent figuring out TypeScript together!

You can watch it on YouTube, either by clicking here to view it directly or using the embedded player below. I filmed the video in 1080p so it should be crystal clear 👌.

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