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02 Sep

Avoiding bugs with data structures: using Sets in JavaScript

Today we're looking at how you can avoid bugs for free by picking the right data structures for what you're working with.

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29 Aug

A free video series on building web apps with Elm

See how I build Elm apps in this entirely free 20 video series.

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29 Jul

Getting started with GraphQL: what client to use?

Today we're looking into working with a GraphQL API and discussing if you need to reach for a 3rd party library or not.

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Don't miss my latest course, React in Five! This course will help you level up your React skills by covering lesser known parts of the React API. Each video is less than five minutes long, and the first four are free to watch.

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22 Jul

Making impossible states impossible: data structures in React

Today we're talking about avoiding bugs by structuring your data such that the bug can never occur.

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09 Jul

Saving manual work with babel-plugin-macros

Today I used babel-plugin-macros for the first time to save some heavy lifting and I wanted to share my experience using it.

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Keen to understand how best to test your React components? In "Testing React with Enzyme and Jest" we will cover a variety of unit testing tips, tricks and techniques to give you confidence in knowing not only how to test, but what to test. Watch the first five videos for free on YouTube now!

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08 Jul

Structuring React applications

Today's post lays out my current thinking and approach to structuring React applications: the folder structure I use, my naming conventions, where I write tests, and so on.

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28 Jun

Converting a JS library to TypeScript: Part 3

Today we're continuing to convert test-data-bot into TypeScript.

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