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20 Jun

Avoiding recursive useEffect hooks in React

A short post today about an easy tactic to avoid your useEffect calls becoming recursive when setting state.

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14 Jun

Converting a JS library to TypeScript: Part 2

Today we're continuing to convert test-data-bot into TypeScript.

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10 Jun

Things I was wrong about when I started programming

In today's post I want to talk about some things I thought to be true when I started as a programmer, or habits I had, that I've now changed as I learn and reflect on my career so far.

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Don't miss my latest course, React in Five! This course will help you level up your React skills by covering lesser known parts of the React API. Each video is less than five minutes long, and the first four are free to watch.

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05 Jun

Converting a JS library to TypeScript: Part 1

A new free video series starts today where I'm recording myself as I work converting an open source project into TypeScript.

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03 Jun

Making unit tests fail when PropTypes error

Documenting components with React's PropTypes library is a great way to be notified when you've forgotten to pass a certain prop. Today we're going to see how we can leverage these to make our tests fail when our PropTypes are incorrect.

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Keen to understand how best to test your React components? In "Testing React with Enzyme and Jest" we will cover a variety of unit testing tips, tricks and techniques to give you confidence in knowing not only how to test, but what to test. Watch the first five videos for free on YouTube now!

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28 May

Hiding implementation details with React hooks

Hooks are a great way to take some complex logic and hide it behind a nice facade. In this post we'll discuss the how, why and when of doing this.

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12 Apr

The perfect unit test

Today we're talking about how to write the perfect unit test and how to ensure your tests stay readable, usable and maintainable.

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