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12 Apr

The perfect unit test

Today we're talking about how to write the perfect unit test and how to ensure your tests stay readable, usable and maintainable.

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20 Feb

Refactoring a component to use React hooks

To start getting familiar with React hooks, I decided to refactor a component from setState to hooks and see how it went.

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28 Jan

Configuring ESLint on a TypeScript project

A quick post today on how to configure ESLint to run on a TypeScript project.

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Don't miss my latest course, React in Five! This course will help you level up your React skills by covering lesser known parts of the React API. Each video is less than five minutes long, and the first four are free to watch.

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23 Jan

Adventures with ReasonML

Over Christmas, I tackled an Advent of Code in ReasomML and in this post I'll share my solution along with my experience of Reason and its ecosystem.

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22 Nov

Black Friday sale on my React video courses

For one week only, you can grab 40% off all my video courses.

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