A new look

Today I’m happy to go live with the new design of the JavaScript Playground! My thanks go hugely to Ben Howdle and Martin Bean. The beautiful new design is the work of Ben, and Martin did a lot of the hard work turning it into HTML and CSS. I just added some final touches and moved it into Jekyll. This is also a good point to once again thank Toby Howarth who’s original design lasted 16 months. Toby came up with the yellow which is now pretty much the most recognisable trait of the website.

To celebrate the launch of the new design there’s a number of tutorials coming your way very soon. On Friday I’ll give you an introduction to working with maps using LeafletJS, and next week I’ll be looking at testing Node modules that make API calls, and how to mock those requests. The popular Express & Backbone series will also have another episode out early next week too. I’m also chatting to lots of lovely folk who will be writing articles in the future, with lots of great topics on the way.

If you find any bugs with the new site (there are always), please report it on GitHub.

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Jack is JavaScript and React developer in London. He's also a keen Elm enthusiast, conference speaker and tweets far too often.