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I have had a lot of tweets recently asking about how I work, the tools I use, the workflow I’ve adopted and lots of related questions. I regularly tweet about tools and what I’m up to; some people get annoyed by it but to me one of the best things you can do is to see how other developers do things & integrate bits into a workflow that suits you.

Of course, there’s no one definitive workflow for everyone, but I’ve been asked enough times to show mine that I’m going to do some screencasts titled “Watch me Code”. In these I’ll code up a simple JavaScript project as I would in real life, and show you just how I go about doing things. This will include things like:

  • how I use Vim
  • command line JS tools (Grunt, etc)
  • Using Git
  • Debugging with the Chrome dev tools
  • TDD with Jasmine / Mocha / QUnit / others
  • CoffeeScript development

As there’s a lot to cover, these will be split over multiple screencasts. What I’m looking for from you lovely readers is two things:

  • What should I code up? If there’s a plugin you’d like to see created or a library made, then let me know! I’ll do it for free, as long as you’re happy that it gets put on Github in all its glory.
  • What specifically would you like me to talk about?

In these screencasts I wont be explaining how every line of code works, I’ll explain bits but I’ll focus more on the tools I’m using, tricks & tips I’ve picked up, and so on.

So, the power is in your hands…

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Jack is JavaScript and React developer in London. He's also a keen Elm enthusiast, conference speaker and tweets far too often.