The .net Awards

Recently I found out that I had been nominated for two of .net awards. I’ve been nominated for “Young Developer of the Year” and “Brilliant Newcomer of the Year”.

Firstly, you have to be nominated by people to be involved in the first place, so thanks to anyone who put my name forward. It means a lot that people would take the time to do that.

However, that’s only half the battle! I’m up against some incredibly clever people and need all the votes I can get! If you can find a spare moment to navigate to the awards site, locate my face and click “vote”, that would be awesome.

Finally, I know content has been slow recently, but that’s not for much longer. Next weekend, on April 6th, the JS Playground turns 1 year old and I’ve plenty planned to celebrate. There will be lots of new content hitting your screens very soon.



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Jack is JavaScript and React developer in London. He's also a keen Elm enthusiast, conference speaker and tweets far too often.