ReactJS workshops in London

If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about React and getting to grips with the framework then I have some good news for you! I’ve teamed up with White October Events to run two one day ReactJS workshops in London.

These workshops will be a great chance for you to dive into React with a tonne of hands on exercises (you’ll be writing lots of code!) covering not only the core concepts of React but some of the most popular libraries, including Redux and React Router.

In addition we’ll look at ES2015, Babel, Webpack and more as we dive into building complex applications with the React ecosystem.

Tickets will cost £299 which includes lots of refreshements and lunch. The workshops are being run on two dates:

If you have any questions about the content please feel free to email me: jack at pusher dot com.

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Jack is JavaScript and React developer in London. He's also a keen Elm enthusiast, conference speaker and tweets far too often.