React in 5.

A series of 5 minute videos to level up your React skillset.

A video series to get you right up to speed with React. If you've done some beginner tutorials and think you're ready to dive into more React, this course is for you. In a series of five minute videos we'll cover many React features, tips and tricks to advance your React knowledge and improve your React applications.

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Is this course for me?

If you’ve been working with React for a few months and would like some easy ways to improve your knowledge and applications, then this course is for you.

Over the course of 10 videos we’ll look at React features and tips that you might have missed and see how we can harness them to improve our application’s code, performance and maintainability.

Each video is less than five minutes long, offering the perfect way to level up your React during a quick break at work or on your commute home.

What will I learn?

See below for a full list of topics covered in the videos of this course, but in a nutshell this course will give you the understanding of many of React's lesser known features and approaches that you can use to improve the quality of your React codebases.

  • How to avoid extraneous HTML elements with React fragments.
  • How to avoid CSS tricks by rendering modals outside of your React app using portals.
  • How to use React's createRef API to safely reach into the underlying DOM.
  • Using error boundaries to catch unexpected errors and ensure your users get a nice experience in the case of something going wrong.

Testimonials from “Testing React”

Don’t just take my word about my courses - here’s what people who have watched my first video series, “Testing React applications with Enzyme and Jest”, had to say about it.

  • This is such a well done and concise series! I bought the bundle because I'd like to see moar videos done in this style. I particularly like the zoomed-in and stripped-out view of everything but what matters most.skube on YouTube
  • These videos are great!! Thanks for making them. I just started at my first job and I've been struggling to wrap my head around Jest and writing tests for React components. This playlist has been very helpful!Billy Thomas on YouTube

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Who is this course by?

Headshot of Jack Franklin

Jack is JavaScript and React developer in London who has been working with and teaching React for the past four years.

He's released numerous tutorials and videos on The JavaScript Playground and his YouTube channel.

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