18 Jun

Screencast: localStorage & Store.js

I am happy to reveal the first screencast on The JavaScript Playground! It's been a long time coming & I hope to do a lot more in the future.

In this screencast I demonstrate localStorage & how to use it, along with the limitations. To get around some of these issues, I show you the brilliant Store.js, which acts as a library around localStorage & provides fallbacks too.

If you'd like to watch in HD, feel free to view the video on Vimeo to watch in HD.

Links in the screencast:

Update: after doing this screencast, I made a pull request to the Store.js repository, adding store.enabled. This was accepted, so if you wish now to check for store.enabled, you can, without having to do that piece of code I show in the screencast.

Any feedback, questions, etc is always warmly welcomed. I'm still new to screencasting, so hopefully I'll get better as I do more but your thoughts would be great.

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