11 Sep

Building an App with Express and Backbone: Part 7

In part 7 we add another route for viewing an individual book.

In this episode we do some refactoring and add a route for viewing a single book's details. We'll swap out views and update the page dynamically, allowing the user to click on a book title to see more information. We'll see how Backbone manages URLs for us and we make sure things work on refresh too.

I recommend viewing this in HD in fullscreen for best viewing.

Previous Parts:

  • Part 1: Set up Express, Mongo and our first route to show all books
  • Part 2: Set up a route for viewing a single book and did some tidying of our codebase.
  • Part 3: Create a route so new books can be added via a POST request.
  • Part 4: Setting up Backbone and creating a model for our books.
  • Part 5: Adding Backbone views and rendering data to the frontend.
  • Part 6: Adding structure with the Backbone Router

The code is on GitHub as always.

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