04 Sep

Building an App with Express and Backbone: Part 6

Part 6 looks at tidying up our work in Part 5 by introducing the Backbone Router and collection events.

In this episode we'll not add any more features, but tidy up our work from last time. We'll add some structure with the Backbone Router and prevent doing work in Ajax request callbacks by instead listening to events.

I recommend viewing this in HD in fullscreen for best viewing.

Previous Parts:

  • Part 1: Set up Express, Mongo and our first route to show all books
  • Part 2: Set up a route for viewing a single book and did some tidying of our codebase.
  • Part 3: Create a route so new books can be added via a POST request.
  • Part 4: Setting up Backbone and creating a model for our books.
  • Part 5: Adding Backbone views and rendering data to the frontend.

The code is on GitHub as always.

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