Essential JavaScript Script Loaders

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter or perhaps missed it, one of the reasons I’ve not been blogging on JSPlayground as much recently is down to writing for other sites too.

Last week .net magazine published my article on the Top 5 JavaScript Script Loaders. It covers Yepnope, Require and some others too so if you’ve been looking at script loaders or wanted to for a while, hopefully this article might be of use to you.

Another reason I’ve not been blogging as much is because I’ve signed a book deal with Apress to write a new book titled “Beginning jQuery”. This will hopefully take a developer from jQuery novice to someone who’s comfortable entirely with the library and its more complex applications. At this stage three chapters have been written, although there’s plenty more to be written. The book is going to be out in early 2013 and there will be a couple of copies on the JSPlayground to be won.

Finally don’t forget that I’m speaking at WebDevConf on October 19th. I’m going to be talking all about writing better jQuery, with a specific focus to not tying yourself so tightly to any DOM structure. Tickets are just £60 (£40 for students) and the discount code “jackfollowers” will get you an additional 10% off. It would be great to meet some new faces so please do come along.

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