29 Aug

A free video series on building web apps with Elm

See how I build Elm apps in this entirely free 20 video series.

If you’ve followed me on the internet for a while you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Elm and I’ve written and spoken a fair bit about it.

There are some great guides for Elm out there but when I was learning I struggled with being unable to find examples of how Elm apps were put together, particularly as they got bigger.

So, now I’m a little more comfortable with Elm than I once was, I set about recording a series that tries to show just that. My initial intentions were to sell the videos as a course, but I’ve now decided to make every single video entirely free and available on YouTube for you to enjoy.

You can get started with the playlist and watch all videos in order by heading to YouTube or watching here:

If you have any questions, Twitter is the best place to grab me :)

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