Building an App with Express and Backbone: Part 4

It's been a while but the Express and Backbone series is back!

Let me just remind you of the first three parts:

  • Part 1: Set up Express, Mongo and our first route to show all books
  • Part 2: Set up a route for viewing a single book and did some tidying of our codebase.
  • Part 3: Create a route so new books can be added via a POST request.

In this episode we finally get onto the Backbone side of things. I'll show you how to set up Backbone and how to configure it to talk to our API. We'll create a model and a collection and interface with them via the Chrome developer console. Next time we'll start adding proper structure and look at how we can render items out with Backbone.

I highly recommend viewing this screencast in full HD.

Express JS & Backbone: Episode 4 from The JavaScript Playground on Vimeo.

Hopefully this series will resume at a more rapid rate from now on. You can find the code on Github..

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