15 Feb

Building an App with Express and Backbone: Part 2

In the first part of the series we created our ExpressJS app and served up all the books from our Mongo database. Today we'll accomplish the following:

  • Refactor our /books URL into the routes/index.js file
  • Move our database code into its own module
  • Set up a route to serve up an individual book's JSON
  • Learn about Mongo's ObjectID

Apologies for the slightly duller and quieter voice this time around - illness and a cold have played their part!

Express JS & Backbone: Episode 2 from The JavaScript Playground on Vimeo.

As always the code is on Github, and I highly recommend playing the video in HD so it's clearer to see (I record at my laptop's resolution so everything should be crystal clear).

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll either reply with a comment or answer in the next video.

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